In Marvel Strike Force, there exist many Status Effects that can effect the outcome of battle.


Name Category Stat Modifier Delta Expiration Type Stacking
Ability Block Debuff Ability Block End of turn
Assist Now none Assist Attack % 100% End of any turn
Bleed Debuff Heal % -10% Start Of Turn Yes
Blind Debuff Accuracy % -100% End of Turn
Counter Buff Counter % 100% On Counter
Deathproof Buff Character does not die with a hit that would normally kill him. Instead the character survives with 1 HP left. On Deathproof
Defense Up Buff Damage Reduction %

Resistance %

+50%+50% End of Turn
Defense Down Debuff Damage Reduction %

Resistance %

-50%-50% End of Turn
Deflect Buff Block Chance % 100% On Block
Disrupted Debuff Character can't receive any positive buffs, including taunt. End of Turn
Evade Buff Dodge Chance % 100% On Evade
Heal Block Debuff Heal Block End of Turn
Immunity Buff Character can't receive any debuffs End of Turn
Offense Down Debuff Damage %

Focus %

-50%-50% End of Turn
Offense Up Buff Damage %

Focus %

+50%+50% End of Turn
Regeneration Buff Heal % +10% Start Of Turn Yes
Slow Debuff Speed % -50% End of Turn
Speed Up Buff Speed % +50% End of Turn
Stealth Buff Stealthed End of Turn
Stun Debuff Stunned End of Turn
Taunt Buff Taunting Start of Turn

Other EffectsEdit

  • Change Speed Bar
  • Prolong or Reduce Status effect
  • Remove Buff
  • Remove Debuff
  • Copy Buff